Step 5: Moisturizers + Lotions

Hydration for a supple glow

Moisturizers seal in the serum, hydrate your skin, provide essential vitamins and nutrients imperative to healthy skin, and also retain water in the skin. Moisturizers promote collagen production and proactively work to minimize the visible signs of aging. Body lotions also are important to nourish, refresh and revitalize the skin. Regardless of your age, skin type or concern, moisturizing is a step that simply cannot be skipped in your daily skincare routine.

Choose from Zoe’s skin-penetrating facial moisturizers and moisture-packed body lotions with concentrated doses of powerful, effective ingredients.

Zoe Skin care products

Zoe’s plant-based gold standard formulations are meticulously blended to ensure maximum potency and optimized effectiveness. Our formulations are derived from non-toxic organic flowers, herbs and plants.
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